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Hello! Tonight I’m deviating from my usual Wednesday article. I’m mindful that some of you aren’t on Facebook where I write daily. Eventually I hope to learn how to connect the two so you can follow whether you’re on Facebook or not. But for now, I’m still in the learning phases of blogging and because of my novice computer skills, I’ve decided to share two Facebook posts I wrote this week with you here.

I’m doing this because through my blog, I’ve met some brave champions out there. People who are reclaiming their voices and stomping out shame. I’m moved to share these posts with you here because I thought you’d connect to these songs as much as I do. If you’ve already read them on Facebook, I apologize for the repeat. If you haven’t read them, I hope the music lifts your spirits and gives you strength. Some of the things I reference may be a little confusing if you’re not following the daily read, but don’t worry. The message is in the music.

This is from Sunday Morning:

There are so many things I want to tell you this morning. I want to tell you about the unappetizing non-cookie-birthday-cookies I made for my husband’s birthday. Just about the only treat I could find that fit my schedule and his new diet.

I want share with you that we never did decorate our tree. It’s standing naked in the stand. Which is after all, better than being in the box, but still quite sad. Leaving us disappointed that time slipped through our fingers like it so often does.

Beyond updating you with how we struggled through the rest of the evening and how my impatience got the better of me after our trying week, I want to tell you about my morning.

After frantically trying to pull more time out of thin air and desperately trying to figure out how we could negotiate our Sunday, I finally let go of trying to jam that square peg into a hole. I let go of my expectations. At midnight I accepted that I would have to get up at 3am to fit my bike ride in. I missed my ride yesterday and didn’t want to relinquish this important piece of my self-care again this week.

I made the choice to harness time with my weary lasso and forsake much needed sleep. Once I decided that this was what I needed to do, I stopped feeling stressed and I just let go. I was surprisingly relieved.

This choice was made to allow me to take my youngest to his swim meet while my husband continues to plow through his work and pack for his departure today. It will hopefully allow me to decorate our tree with my children later today.

Pandora Radio saves me on these long indoor rides. But I do have to admit I find it ridiculous that elevator music is thrown into my Pop Fitness Radio Mix. I will never understand this! Despite Pandora’s haphazard guesses of what music will motivate me, she does surprise me now and again with something so inspiring I find myself crying on my bike.

Being inspired when you are riding like a hamster on a wheel is like being given a cold glass of water after trudging through the desert. It’s exhilarating!

Today I was given this gift. And it was perfect. I was riding inside in the dark. Covered in sweat. One hour down, two to go and this song came on. I had to pull up the video. And as I watched it, pedaling faster with my heart rate rising, I cried even more. Belting out the lyrics with sweat and tears dripping onto my phone. When it was done, I listened to it again.

I was so inspired and moved. I thought about how much I wanted to tell you about it. About being humbled and inspired at the same time. I wanted to stop my ride and write to you immediately. But I didn’t. I had a swim meet to get to after all.

So here I am. Sitting squashed like a sardine with about 400 8-and-under swimmers and their fans crammed into a very small space!

I really hope you watch it. Listen to it. And then play it again. It really is that good. You may hear more about it on my Wednesday Blog. But who knows. I still have three days until Wednesday.

Wishing you a day filled up with so much goodness that you feel your heart might burst. Get up and dance. Sing with your beautiful voice. Embrace this gift of a day (it stopped raining here!) and squeeze as much time out of today as you can muster.

Here you go:


Today I shared this:

Totally choked up again. Tears streaming down my face. Yup. I am. Humbled and inspired by people everywhere.

My friend Jane shared this version as a reply to my post yesterday. I feel compelled to share it with you. Not because it combines two of my favorite songs, which it does, but because it reminds us to be brave and true and honest and beautiful — whatever colors of the rainbow you are.

It also moves and inspires us to remember that our voices ring out so much louder when we sing together than when we sing alone. I’m holding on to that today. Holding on to the belief that our togetherness is the pit crew on our life’s journey.

When we celebrate ourselves in a community, the true living is so much sweeter. Take care. Take good, good care. Hold on to your true colors, let your voice ring out loud and get your brave on!



I hope you enjoyed the songs and videos as much as I do.  I’ll be back on Wednesday.  I’m filled with deep gratitude for all of you.





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