Published By The Elephant Journal and Ironman Florida! Tri-Umphant Living Post # 12

Registered and Ready To Race!

Registered and Ready To Race!

Good morning. I’ve missed you this week! We’ve been busy getting Rob ready for his Florida Ironman and I haven’t found much time to write. He left yesterday to register and prep for Saturday’s race. The kids and I leave tomorrow. I’ll be posting on Facebook and Instagram over the next few days and I’ll be tweeting too. I hope to see you there!

This morning I got word that my piece about Self-Care was published by the Elephant Journal. I’m very excited! I notice in my own daily living how much this important part of our authentic-living gets overlooked. It sounds so basic, so obvious — taking care of ourselves — but it’s almost like a foreign language we need to take time to learn.

Please stop by and check it out! I’m curious if this article left you thinking about your own relationship with Self-Care? Have you set any new goals towards strengthening your relationship with yourself? I am a continued work in progress for sure!

Take good care!

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  1. Congrats on getting your Blog published… I 1st read this when I was spinning around the top of the funnel waiting for the right reason to push myself down to the focus point and get my 2016 training officially started.. Your article gave me that push… Thanks…

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  2. For a guy who hasn’t picked up his prescription drugs so there’s more money for food for the kids, this hits home. For the guy who in every aspect of his life is horribly behind and scattered, I hear you. But this guy who could use to take care of himself doesn’t really know the first step in doing it.

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    • Hi, Eli! You made me smile and nod and I found that I had to sit with your honest response for a bit because I so hear you. What comes to my mind and to my heart is this — I think the fact that you know this about yourself means that you’ve already taken the first step towards self-care. Just tuning in enough to see that you’re so unfamiliar with this idea and what it means and how it would look. It’s a novel concept for me as well. I spent most of my life trying to ignore myself and my needs. So for me it starts with really tuning in to my gut — whenever I feel off or prickled or frightened it usually means I’m missing something and not listening to my wise inner voice … Just some things for you to mull over. Also, from following you — I do know that you are quite good at care giving so you need to add yourself as your fourth child! How does that resonate with you?! 😉

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