Choosing To Give Thanks

I’m sharing this post I wrote last year about Thanksgiving. Thinking about you all today as you start your week. Much love to you. Take care!

the counter stool

wood on sled

It is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving where I live. I just came in from the rainy snow. Pulling wood from the woodpile in our yard to bring under our covered patio. The tarp had blown off of the wood and I had to dig down to get the drier logs.

This job that lay before me could have gone two ways.

It could have been a horrible experience: Me in my rain boots. Hair matted to my face covered in slush. My dog racing around and running into me with her exuberance. Knocking me over. The old water on the base of the tarp smelling like raw sewage. Cold hands. Muddy mittens with fragments of decaying wood and bark clinging to them. Trekking back and forth with weighted wood.

But it wasn’t horrible.

The rain had just turned to snow. It covered my face and made a light tapping sound as it landed on…

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  1. I refuse to resent the fact that I don’t like traditional Thanksgiving food so we’re ditching the turkey and doing crab legs instead (with a side of enchiladas and mashed potatoes because that’s how we roll). I hope you and your beautiful family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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